Programs – Junior Farmers

Junior Farmers Program


For children to develop their skills through the management of a small farm

For children to demonstrate an understanding about caring for the natural environment

For children to have an awareness of the need to sustain farming as a natural resource for the community in the future

Project Inclusions:

Mini Animal Farm

Children will have the opportunity to care for and learn about farm animals and what they mean to us. Children will need to assist staff in feeding, grooming and cleaning pens.


Vegetable Garden

Children will be required to prepare the plot, sow seeds, water, fertilize produce, weed and harvest.  Staff will assist and guide children through this process.  Produce will be used in the kitchen for children’s meals which are provided in the centre.

Herb Garden

Children with the assistance of staff plant and cultivate herbs for use in the kitchen.

Creek Bed Rejuvenation Project

Planting on the creek bed to prevent soil erosion and creating a natural habitat for wildlife

Butterfly and Bird Garden

Planting flora that encourage butterflies and native birdlife into the garden as a learning opportunity for children.