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Playing outdoors is a critical part of your child’s growth, development and enjoyment of nature. Playgrounds and natural formations like trees and rocks are a fun and agile environment where children can use their imagination, develop their motor skills and enjoy their time playing.

As a parent or caregiver, it’s always a concern that your child may injure themselves in some way – and with so many variables are at play outdoors, this is a perfectly rational concern. There will be times when your child will fall, bumping elbows and skinning knees – and this is all part of being a child. But while you cannot protect your child from every harm, more serious incidents can often be avoided with appropriate supervision and play guidelines and rules.

At Bush Kidz we have a beautiful, natural outdoor play area along with built play equipment. We are so proud of the environment we provide for your children, and we would love to show you around sometime. In the meantime, here are some of our key tips for safe outdoor play.

Call us to make a time to come and see us – and bring your kids! Visit us at Blacksoil (07) 3201 4231 or Brassall (07) 3813 0975.

Outdoor Play Do’s

Many of the injuries that kids can sustain when playing outdoors comes from when kids fall from a height or get stuck in something.

  • Supervise your kids. Toddlers are still developing their motor skills and require a great deal more supervision than older children. Stand with them and hold their hand as they wander through the play equipment. Older children only require supervision from a distance where you can keep a watchful eye.
  • Pick a playground surrounded by a fence. Fences are vital for young children, especially if you are at a play centre which is near a road, or if you are looking after a few children at once and need to keep your eyes on them. Bonus points if your child is a runner!
  • Make sure your little ones are playing on age-appropriate play equipment. If your child is under three years of age, try to keep them on equipment that’s less than 1m high; between three and five-year-old kids can explore slightly higher equipment; and over five years of age could see kids playing on equipment up to 2m off the ground.
  • Allow your kids to interact with nature in a positive way. If your kids come across plants, bugs and animals while playing outdoors, teach them to enjoy and appreciate them without harming nature in the process. It’s an important lesson to learn and it’s one that helps them become more eco-minded as they grow older.
  • Think about the surface that your child is going to be playing on and around. When playing on play equipment, there should be a thick layer of organic mulch or soft rubber flooring. Grass also provides a soft place to land. Cement or hard surfaces under or around a playground or play equipment is a big risk, and if you do see this, you can report it to your local council to fix.
  • Encourage your kids to play sports. Not only does it get them moving, but they learn how to follow rules, work as a team and cooperate with others to play and win the game. While physical injury is a risk, you can minimise this with safety gear and making sure rules are in place

Outdoor Play Dont’s

  • Never leave your child unsupervised – especially when they are playing on play equipment that’s high off the ground or if there are lots of other children and adults around.
  • Don’t let children play on or near busy roads. You don’t want to run the risk of your child being hit by a car. Always choose a safe outdoor area to play in such as a park or a fenced off playground.
  • Never let children play on bikes, tricycles or any other kind of moving toy without a helmet. Falling off is inevitable for kids who are learning how to ride a bike, so a helmet is a must to make sure they don’t get seriously hurt.
  • Avoid play areas that looks unsafe. While standards are in place to make sure public play equipment is safe, there could still be obstacles around that increase the risk of injuries such as sharp tree branches, animal faeces and trash. Simply remove any hazards before your children enjoy their play time. If you’re unable to do that, choose a safer place to play.

Above all, use your common sense when supervising kids. They need to be given the freedom to explore their own boundaries while at the same time benefiting from your experience and love to keep them safe. At Bush Kidz we treat your children as if they were our own and pride ourselves on keeping them safe and feeling secure every day they are here with us.

Call us to make a time to come and see us – and bring your children along – we would love to meet you all! Visit us at Blacksoil (07) 3201 4231 or Brassall (07) 3813 0975.

Choosing the right childcare centre for your children is a big decision. You will naturally be over-cautious when it comes to selecting a centre – especially since this is where you’ll be entrusting the care of your babies while you’re at work or otherwise engaged. There are so many childcare options available – from play-based programs through to school-preparation; and with so much choice available it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

At Bush kidz we see new parents and caregivers coming in to see us all the time, and we are always happy to share any wisdom as parents search for the right centre for their child. It’s important to stress that every child is different, and some childcare centres are going to suit your family better.

To help you in finding the right childcare centre for your child, we wanted to bring together some mistakes to avoid! If you’d like to know more about Bush kidz Brassall or Blacksoil, just contact us online or call us to come down and see our centres in action.

Look for happy children

The number one indicator of a great childcare centre is the presence of happy, smiling children. When you’re searching for a childcare centre for your child, you want to choose a venue where the children look like they’re enjoying themselves with plenty of toys and activities to amuse themselves with.

Along with that, you want to see educators who look like they genuinely love their jobs playing and interacting with kids.

Look for educators who get down on the child’s level when they’re engaging with them. Look for a play area with safe outdoor fall-spaces, and look for plenty of natural materials and options for quiet time as well.

Look for an environment that suits your child

If you know your child loves to sit quietly and draw or paint without too much interruption, then make sure that your childcare centre of choice has this available. Similarly, if your child loves nothing better than to be outside doing outdoor activities and water play, then ensure that your childcare centre of choice has lots of stuff to do outside and a good wet area.

There are a wide range of play options and programs available at Bush kidz and we do try to meet the needs of children from all backgrounds and with all interests. That said, it’s always best to bring your child in and visit us to see if the environment piques their interest.

Look for a play-based learning centre

There has been a growing interest in play-based learning as a style of education and childcare in the past few decades; it has been found that brain development is enhanced through play-based learning. Indeed, it has been shown that play-based learning gives children the capacity to be well-developed in memory skills, language and in their ability to regulate their behaviour.

At Bush kidz, we focus on play-based learning as part of our pedagogy and give children ample opportunity to choose playtime activities that they prefer. Whichever childcare centre you end up choosing, just ensure that the physical environment is conducive to play, engagement, stimulation, and enjoyment.

Feel the centre out with a visit

This is probably the most important thing you can do when choosing a childcare centre for your child: go along and see the environment for yourself with your child. See how your child interacts with the space, whether there are toys or activities that they naturally gravitate towards. You want to ensure that your child feels comfortable in a place that they will ultimately be spending time alone – albeit with childcare workers and other children – but they need to feel secure.

Want to arrange a visit? Call us on (70) 3813 0975 for Bush kidz Brassall or (07) 3201 4231 for Bush kidz Blacksoil.


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