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Vegetable Garden - Bush Kidz Child Care Centre Brassall Program

Through our garden activities for children, the children can explore the gardens, plant, and pick vegetables to use in our kitchen. When children are involved in growing their own veggies, they enjoy an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment.

In today’s fast-paced world we think it’s something really special to see children being part of the food that they eat and playing a part in their health and wellness. Gardening is a naturally slow process, and it’s exciting seeing the first blossoms or the first snow peas start to form on the shoots.

When children are gardening they are experiencing a range of skill development, from gross motor skills through to fine skills, and are discovering how the plants that they eat are grown. We also see that children are far more likely to eat their veggies when they have played a role in growing them!

The Value of Garden Activities for Children

Gardening teaches children so many new responsibilities – from taking care of a living thing through to seeing how a life cycle works.

Our rich garden beds are full of good fertile compost from our worm farms, while the plants and vegetables that we grow form part of the nutritious lunches that children eat every day. We love seeing our children at Bush kidz Brassall taking pride in seeing their gardens take shape. The children visit the gardens daily, allowing them to be completely involved in the entire process, from planting new crops right through to fertilising, watering and harvesting time.