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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds - Bush Kidz Child Care Centre Brassall Program

We believe in providing children with the best possible start in life through healthy living and eating, which is why we have this program in place.

With a healthy body and a healthy mind, we believe that children will experience greater wellbeing, which is a combination of mental and physical health.

In the Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds program, every child has the opportunity to participate in healthy eating and healthy exercise activities. There is no minimum level of fitness or any expectation placed on children because the exercises we use are tailored to meet the skill and ability levels of all children.

This program aims to teach children about the food and exercise that is important for keeping their bodies and minds healthy. The educators at Bush kidz Brassall encourage healthy eating, healthy exercise, and movement with the children.

The Value of Healthy Living for Wellbeing

Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds is an important program because when children are healthy and well, they are more able to actively participate in social interactions. There are many factors that play a role in the wellbeing of your child, not least of all their health and fitness.

Health and wellbeing has the power to impact on:

Happiness and relationships with others

Healthy self-esteem

A stronger sense of self

The ability to adapt to change

How emotionally robust your child is

We are so excited to offer the Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds program to all children at Bush kidz Brassall, bearing in mind that no child is obligated to participate in the Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds program. But if you would like to find out more, please get in touch!