childcare food
childcare food

Our cook holds a Food Handling Safety certification and comes with years of experience in the food service industry.

Menus will be displayed for parents in the foyer on a weekly basis. The kitchen is also licensed and registered with the Ipswich City Council.

Children in Long Day Care may receive 50% – 70% of their food intake whilst in care. It is therefore essential that the centre provides adequate nutrition in proportion to the time spent in care. It is also the centre’s responsibility to help children and parents develop good food attitudes and habits.

Bush Kidz early learning centres offer three nutritious meals per day. Our menu will include foods from the five food groups. Drinking water will be offered and readily available. Milk will also be offered on a daily basis. Parents will be kept up to date on a daily basis on their child’s eating habits.

The centre programs will also include food awareness activities that will educate children on healthy diet and lifestyle.

Children will be encouraged to get hands-on experience in food preparation.

Food Allergies, medical conditions, religious beliefs, special diets and cultural requirements will be observed at all times. If your child has special needs please do not hesitate to let the Director know.

It is essential that we ensure that children’s dietary requirements are met at all times. Staff will offer assistance to parents and ensure information is accessible to them regarding the nutritious needs of children.

Staff will assist children in receiving a safe and nutritious diet by:

  • Parents will be advised when their child is not eating well or does not have enough food.
  • Children will wash their hands before handling food, or eating meals and snacks.
  • Children will be encouraged to attempt foods that are presented to them through our menu.

Staff will provide an eating environment that assists the transition of family and multicultural values by:

  • Staff members sitting with the children at meal times.
  • Food will never to be used as a form of punishment by either its provision or denial.
  • Multicultural differences will be recognised and accepted.
  • Food awareness activities will be chosen from a variety of cultures.
  • Special occasions may be celebrated with culturally appropriate foods.
  • To ensure that meals and snacks are consumed in a relaxed social setting.

Staff will teach children about food and nutrition by:

  • “Hands-on” food-related activities are included in the children’s program, e.g. cooking, excursions, gardening, stories, play, and music will be included in the program.
  • Food-related activities will involve culturally appropriate and diverse foods.
  • Positive aspects of food color, taste, texture, and/or nutrition are discussed with children, e.g. at mealtimes.
  • Children (where possible) practice making food choices (e.g. serving themselves).
  • Childcare Food and eating are promoted as a positive, enjoyable part of life, which provides pleasure, sharing, and nourishment.
  • Meal equipment (plates, bowls, cutlery, and furniture) is an appropriate size and shape to encourage children’s physical skill development and independence.

While sweet foods are kept to a minimum, the centre will observe children’s birthdays and celebrations and parents are able to provide a birthday cake for the child’s group if they would like. Parents are encouraged to stay for special occasions if they wish.