The centre’s philosophy is based around the concept that children learn through play.

We believe that we should emphasise and recognize the family, the individual ability and skill of each child and the richness of the environment and natural surroundings.

We believe it is of utmost importance to nurture and educate the children in our care through the development of trust, security and loving relationships.

Our philosophy is founded on the knowledge that early childhood development focuses on the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and aesthetic development of the individual child.

Centre Goals

For our Children

  • Children are encouraged to challenge themselves and take risks
  • Children can have fun and a laugh and be silly
  • Children can get dirty in their play while discovering new things in the world around them
  • Children can feel safe and secure and know that they are respected and valued people
  • Children feel loved and can show love
  • Children are treated as the most important people in the world
  • Children can learn about being fit and healthy and be able to eat food which is good for their growing bodies
  • Children’s individual personalities are respected and encouraged to grow their own personalities and sense of selves

For our Staff

  • Staff are encouraged to play around and be silly with all children
  • Staff can feel part of a team
  • Staff are valued for their individual skills, knowledge and abilities
  • Staff have input into decision making in their centre
  • Staff can feel happy and comfortable and look forward to coming to work
  • Staff share ideas and help and support each other
  • Staff love all children
  • Staff are encouraged to remain at child’s level to create a strong bond with children.
  • Staff are encouraged to grow and challenge themselves to make them stronger, better people and professionals

For our Parents

  • Parents can feel happy and comfortable about leaving their child in our care
  • Parents join in to create a special environment for their children
  • Parents work together with staff for benefit of their children
  • Parents respect the policies and procedures of the centre because they value and respect what is offered there.
  • Parents can be open and honest about their child’s developmental needs
  • Parents work with staff to build strong trusting relationships
  • Parents are treated equally