Choosing a Childcare Centre for Your Child - Bush Kidz Early Learning Centre
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Kindergarten is an exciting and important time for your child; it is the journey they take to become confident, involved learners before beginning Prep.

Kindy supports each child’s sense of belonging and confidence to participate and is also enhanced through the relationship’s parents build with their Early Childhood Teachers.

We invite you to support your child kindergarten year by

  • sharing information about your child’s experiences, interests, needs and learning
  • understand and support your child’s learning
  • advocate for your child
  • draw on the advice and support of early years professionals.

As you connect with and contribute to your children’s learning, in ways that are meaningful and suitable for you and your child, you are sharing with us things that are important for our planning processes for your child.

When packing your child’s bag for Kindy let them help you to pack:

  • Spare clothes- we often engage in play where your child may get messy.
  • A bag to place your child belongings
  • Broad brimmed hat and shoes
  • Sun safe swimwear during spring/ summer for waterplay
  • Sleep sheet and pillow- if your child has a special toy or blanket these are welcome

Even if your child only helps once a week or every day – speak with them about what is being packed and why. This supports their understanding of preparedness, builds responsibility and a sense of identity. Please ensure your belongings are clearly labelled, our goal in Kindergarten is for children to demonstrate increasing independence therefore they will be encouraged and supported to take responsibility for their belongings.

The Kindergarten children will be encouraged and supported to:

  • Place their bag in their lockers on arrival, they will place their bike helmet on the rack if required.
  • Apply sunscreen and hat independently before participating in outdoor play
  • Packing their bag, placing sheets, personal belonging back in their bags
  • Make their own beds during rest period
  • Pack away after themselves
  • Get dressed – confidently dress themselves, including shoes and socks

Bush Kidz Early Learning Centre

Treating your Children as Our Own

We are a Long Day Care Service and our Kindergarten Program sits within our regular operating hours, 6:00am until 6:00pm and you are welcome to drop your child off and pick them up any time between these hours. However, we do ask that you consider a routine that allows your child to arrive by 9:00am. This will allow for children to greet and welcome each other for the day and have discussion with each other about interests, ideas, discoveries. This in turn supports them in building partnerships for learning during the day.

Developing a morning routine for drop off at Kindy also allows your child to build a level of familiarity and predictability of routine for school, which we will openly discuss with your child throughout their kindergarten year.

Our Early Childhood Teachers will be in attendance from 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and you are more than welcome to ask any questions regarding your child’s Kindergarten Year at drop off or pick up time. You are also welcome to arrange a meeting time for discussions that require more time. We look forward to sharing your child’s learning journey towards being a confident and involved learner for Prep. See You at Kindy!