You’ve seen the show on TV; now your child can be part of the kitchen through the Bushkidz Brassall MasterChef cooking program. This exciting kitchen-based program is a part of our weekly schedule where the children undertake cooking experiences within their classrooms. Through our cooking activities for kids, the children learn all about different cuisines from around the world, while also learning different cooking methods and skills.

When kids are involved in cooking, they are engaging a whole lot of new skills, such as reading and developing their fine motor skills. Cooking goes beyond just making food as well. When kids are cooking, it’s the beginnings of skills like maths and science, as kids measure ingredients and combine items to create something new.

Developing a positive relationship with food is so important. At Bushkidz Brassall, we love seeing kids getting into the kitchen and making their own lunches and snacks.

The joy of cooking activities for kids

Children have a natural curiosity and are engaged by things that are tactile. Cooking is a fun way to make a little bit of a mess, learn something new, and to have something delicious and nutritious to eat at the end of it all! Getting kids involved in cooking gives them an opportunity to touch, feel, smell, taste and absorb all of the stimuli of cooking with all of their senses.