Is there a child alive who doesn’t love playing with baby animals? At Bushkidz Brassall, we love to foster the naturally beautiful relationship between the animal kingdom and the world of kids, which is why we have a hobby farm located on-site. Through the hobby farm, we’re able to provide a wide variety of farm activities for kids. Children have access to poddy calves, lambs, chickens and even our worm farms on a daily basis.

As children interact with the animals at Bushkidz Brassall, they learn about how the animal world connects with theirs, through feeding animals to finding out what animals need to live a healthy life. Children have the opportunity to learn about what the animals eat and to see the cycle of how animals eat through scraps being collected at mealtime, which are then fed to the chickens and the worms.

We have a relationship with one of our local farmers who sources our animals for us and who ensures that all the animals at Bushkidz Brassall are cared for appropriately.

The benefits of farm activities for kids

When kids have contact with animals in their daily lives, it sparks their curiosity and gives them a valuable opportunity to appreciate their natural environment. Observing and interacting with animals can be a valuable part of your child’s education and can enrich their learning. We love seeing kids develop bonds with the animals and to develop their empathy and kindness as they feed, pat, and interact with the animals on our hobby farm.