cook_left0130 minute Junior Masterchef cooking class with our Centre Chef and Teaching Staff

Children will learn basic cooking skills essential to later life skills and a healthy lifestyle.
What will your child be doing in Junior Masterchef class?

The children will:
• Learn to prepare and cook fresh food.
• Learn to follow recipes.
• Learn about kitchen safety and hygiene.
• Have lots of hands on experiences.
• Communicate with other children.
•  Gain confidence and new skills
• Classes will provide a wonderful outlet for creativity and a chance for to have FUN!

The skills and learning abilities that kids develop in the classes include:
• Sensory learning: Tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing.
• Motor skill development: Hand, eye, mind coordination.
• Mathematical concepts: Counting, measuring & following directions.
• Safety: Using equipment safely and developing sound hygiene habits.
• Social skills: Working with others, sharing & learning to cooperate.
• Language skills: Lots of new word and communication experiences.
• Children also develop time management skills and a better understanding of nutrition