Childcare is about so much more than minding and caring for your child. Childcare centres like ours also have a role to play in helping your child learn and grow. If you’re new to childcare, you may not realise that early learning programs are in place in most long day care centres to make sure your little ones are thriving. Plus, the learning programs within each centre can differ a great deal, so it’s worth paying attention to what type of learning programs each centre offers.

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The Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework was put in place by the Australian Government back in 2009, and its purpose is to ensure that all children experience learning that’s engaging and builds success for life. This framework is designed in a way that allows early childhood services like ours to develop and implement our own strategies and objectives towards childhood learning. Therefore, no two learning programs are the same, they are all different. Despite the differences, every centre’s program should align with this framework, so check with the childcare centre of your choice to make sure this is the case.

Do They Have Early Learning Programs in Place?

Giving your children as many tools and resources as possible to learn about the world around them is hugely beneficial for their development. While it’s true that children are constantly learning about the world around them anyway on a daily basis, early learning programs aim to nurture a love for learning in children, so it’s worthwhile seeking out a childcare centre that has one in place.

Any reputable childcare centre should explain the kinds of learning programs they have as well as the developmental and learning benefits they provide. If it’s not clearly displayed on the website, do ask about the learning programs when you take a tour of the centre.

What Interests Do You Want to Nurture in Your Child?

Because each centre will vary slightly in the types of programs they will provide, there may be a few stand out areas they focus on more than others. For example, here at Bush Kidz, we enjoy getting children out and amongst nature, so eco-friendly and nature-focused learning plays a big part in our learning programs. If your child loves being outside and you would like to nurture their appreciation for the natural world, our centre may be a good fit for you.

Wider Community Involvement and Participation

We know that children learn about the world around them from a multitude of sources, and while our carers can certainly offer plenty of ways to nurture your child’s development, we also believe that getting the wider community involved is vital too. We make an effort to invite community members into our centre who can share their unique knowledge and skills with the children and enrich their development in new and different ways. If this is an ideal you agree with, it’s worth checking if this is something your childcare centre offers.

See What Your Child is Learning and Their Achievements

While it’s all well and good to say a learning program is in place, as parents, you want to see the outcome of all that learning your children have been doing. Here at Bush Kidz, we put together a comprehensive bi-yearly developmental report so parents can clearly see how their child is progressing through their learning journey. Within the electronic copy of this report, parents also get photos, artwork and any other relevant notes they’d like to know about their child’s development. If seeing the proof and outcome of the learning program is important to you, make sure this is offered at the centre you choose.

Learning Programs at Bush Kidz

Want to find out more about the learning programs we have at Bush Kidz? Check out our programs to see the wide array of learning opportunities we have available in both our Brassall and Blacksoil centres. You can also take a look at the Learning Framework page to find out how we align with the Early Years Learning Framework and see the learning outcomes we hope to provide to your children.

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