Finding a good child care centre is hard enough but finding one that’s right for your child can be even more difficult.

Even a good childcare centre can be the wrong fit for your child – it all depends on what your child needs.

But despite these challenges, know that the search will be worth it. Once you find a good centre for your child, they can learn faster in ways that will prepare them well for school and later life.

If you want to make sure your child is in the right centre for them, it’s important to look for signs that indicate it’s a good match. Here are five signs to watch out for:

1. Your child is happy and excited to visit the childcare

If your child isn’t happy at the centre, they will likely show it.

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your child is in the right centre for them is the fact that they’re excited to go there. And not just on their first day or some days, but on most days.

Observe how your child feels about going to your centre and try to evaluate how they feel about it. Are they consistently excited to go out and spend their day there? Do they feel scared or reluctant? Do they need convincing every day?

With that said, make sure to give your child enough time to adjust to your centre, especially if they’re new to it. Remember that they might be shy or scared at first but feel more comfortable later. Good carers can help your child overcome any shyness or fears about meeting other children when they first come in.

2. Your child remains curious and intellectually stimulated

Children are naturally curious and creative – that’s how they learn more about the world and themselves.

A good childcare centre – one that’s right for them – will continually stimulate their curiosity and interests. It will make learning fun and exciting for your child, keeping them actively engaged with others and the world around them.

If you notice your child consistently bored or uninterested with the activities in their centre, then it could be a sign that they’re not being stimulated enough creatively and intellectually.

You want a centre where your child is excited and curious to learn. If they’re not, then learning may feel like a chore to them.

3. Your child doesn’t get hurt or sick often

Let’s face it: children can get hurt or get sick easily, especially when playing in new environments and with other children. That’s normal and a part of attending childcare.

What’s not normal is if they get hurt or sick often at the centre. If they do, then that could be a sign that they’re not being cared for adequately.

Your child getting hurt or sick at the centre can indicate that the carers are not watching over them as they should, whether it’s due to a lack of attention or simply too many children under their care.

Getting sick regularly can also indicate that the centre may not have proper protocols for managing sickness and preventing it from spreading around.

4. Your child doesn’t go home hungry

Proper nutrition is one of the most overlooked parts of childcare, but it’s to your child’s growth and development.

A good childcare centre will make sure your child gets enough food and snacks to fuel their activities throughout the day. But more than that, the right centre will also make sure that the food your child gets is healthy and meets their dietary needs (especially if your child has allergies or special dietary requirements).

5. Your child goes home happy

If your child regularly goes home from childcare feeling sad, angry or scared, then they may not be getting the proper care and attention they deserve at the centre.

The right childcare centre will help your child learn and grow positively, helping them get through any issues or problems with care and kindness. If your child constantly feels punished, ignored or aggravated, then their carers may not be providing the level of attention and guidance they need.

Looking for another childcare centre for your child?

If you think your current childcare centre is not the right fit for your child, finding one that’s a better match for them should be your priority. The sooner you find the right centre for your child, the sooner your child can learn and grow to their full potential.

You’re welcome to visit any of our centres to see whether ours is a great fit for your child. You can also contact us if you have any questions about what our centre can do for your child.


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